Posted by: will | July 19, 2007

Track A Tiger…

Track A Tiger “We Moved Like Ghosts” (Deep Elm)


The hardest albums to review are the ones that do not immediately grab you. It is those records that are so obviously good but require patience to soak in. We Moved Like Ghosts is one of those albums. Track A Tiger hail from the windy city of Chicago and the band plays downtempo indie rock in the vein of Ida, Low, Sonic Youth and Yo La Tengo. We Moved Like Ghosts is the band’s second full-length and debut for Deep Elm Records. The record’s title is so appropriate as the band’s sound is unassuming almost to a fault. With each subsequent listen though, Track A Tiger reveal more and more.

What is immediately noticeable are the fragile male/female vocals which carry these airy songs along their slow and deliberate way. I am not sure I have ever described an album as graceful but We Moved Like Ghosts certainly fits that description. Heartbreaking and uplifting, We Moved Like Ghosts touches on many emotions and experiences. The band never stretches their songs past the limit providing ample but never overpowering instrumentation. Track A Tiger does a remarkable job in creating a mood that not only carries the songs but creates a completely uniform album.

We Moved Like Ghosts is a fantastic album and hopefully continues the branching out of Deep Elm from their emo roots. Track A Tiger deserve to be heard for fans of the aforementioned bands. They have taken a familiar sound and added their own little twist of personality. Not necessarily the easiest thing to do but Track A Tiger have accomplished the feat. The band has scored a winner with We Moved Like Ghosts.

RIYL: Low, Ida, Yo La Tengo

Listen: Track A Tiger – Light (mp3)



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