Posted by: will | July 16, 2007

Last Days Of April…

Last Days Of April “Might As Well Live” (Bad Taste)


Way back in 2000, Sweden’s Last Days Of April put out a virtual masterpiece of an album by the name of Angel Youth. Still, to this day, the band has not been able to recreate the absolute magic that they created then. Admittedly, I have not kept as close a watch on the band in the last few years. However, Might As Well Live is surprisingly strong and sees the band releasing some of their best material since Angel Youth.

The band has undergone a bit of a metamorphosis over the years. LDOA have lost a lot of their emo tendencies and become a more pop rock-oriented band. Angel Youth was truly an emotionally involved album. Might As Well Live is much lighter and accessible up front. There are no layers to dig through here. That plays both positively and negatively for the band. Those gorgeous moments of the band’s past are certainly missed. There are a few songs like the album opener “Lost And Found” and “I Wish That You Would Mean A Lot Less To Me” that slow it down and hint at the emotional weight of Angel Youth. Those songs simply fail to feel natural for the band anymore though. On the other hand, the band has become quite comfortable in their new found skin. That is apparent as the band belts out a great set of catchy indie pop on Might As Well Live.

I believe that Might As Well Live is the band’s 8th album overall. I commend LDOA for sticking around for this long. They still are popping out completely reputable albums and they certainly should be given their due. However, when I want to hear the band I will always reach for Angel Youth. That album saw a band at their true creative peak and that will always be the way I would like to remember Last Days Of April.

RIYL: Elliott, Radiohead, Shout Out Louds

Listen: Last Days Of April – Who’s On The Phone (mp3)


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