Posted by: will | July 14, 2007

Contest Update – Up Up Down Down…

I am back from the beach and of course it is raining in Columbia. Anyway, because of the amount of entries, Steve and I determined that we should have more than one winner for the Up Up Down Down contest. So, we actually have three winners who will all win the entire prize package. That package consists of the band’s new album, Worst Band Name Ever, their EP, Girls Names, It’s A King Thing CD (Steve plays drums), and an UUDD tee shirt. And the winners are:

Courtney Drant from Sacramento, CA wins for “Shaken Baby Casserole”

Mitchell Jordan from New York, NY wins for “Unconditional Reinforcement”

Brian McKinney from Los Angeles, CA wins for “Heinreich Maneuver”

These punks need to email me ( their address and shirt size ASAP.



  1. Awesome!

  2. Dang! I shoulda tried harder.

  3. Boo Brian McKinney. Boooooo!

  4. boo! brian mckinney. boo!!!

    what? didn’t like my band name chuck? it’s totally not as good as “andy the door bum” “look mexico” or “jena berlin” but i work with what i’ve got.

    i finally won a SAL contest. i can now kill myself and my gay lover chuck daley and be at ease with the world.

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