Posted by: will | July 5, 2007

The Measure (SA)…

The Measure (SA) “Historical Fiction” (Team Science/Salinas/Don Giovoni)



I always find it so funny how many people hate on pop-punk. You have the indie hipsters who are so consumed with the latest hot band that they still think the term means Green Day. Then you have the punk rockers who have this holier-than-thou belief that pop and punk should never mingle. For me though (and I’m sure a lot of people like me), pop-punk is the music that first hit me and it is the music that, as I have grown older, has stayed with me the most. It still excites me to discover a great new pop-punk band. The ones where the pop and the punk coexist in such beautiful harmony. The ones where you can feel the heart and sincerity deep down in your bones. The Measure (SA) is one of those bands.

The Measure (SA) deliver their debut, Historical Fiction, and it is a fantastic, sloppy mess of pop and punk with a little folk thrown in for good measure. The band sounds as though they are about to careen off the cliff at every sharp turn on Historical Fiction. However, they hold it together for the most part. The dual male/female vocals are infectious and bring to mind a dirtier Discount perhaps. Beneath all the chaos, the band writes some downright catchy tunes. When the male vocals step to the front bands like Jawbreaker, Tiltwheel and Leatherface come to mind. The folk aspect of the band is rather intriguing and even brings to mind The Pogues at times. It is what really sets The Measure (SA) apart from their peers. I am not sure I have ever heard that aspect added to such a fast pop-punk band before but it actually works quite well. Whether the band has tried to or not, they have created a sound that is their own on Historical Fiction.

If you are looking for polished, non-threatening pop-punk you should turn right around and run in the opposite direction. The Measure (SA) have absolutely nothing to offer you. However, if you are looking for a messy good time filled with sing-alongs and anthem-laced DIY punk rock then come right in and give Historical Fiction a listen. It just might surprise you.

RIYL: Jawbreaker, Leatherface, Fifth Hour Hero


The Measure (SA) – Letters (mp3)

The Measure (SA) – Sleep (mp3)


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