Posted by: will | June 30, 2007

Contest – Up Up Down Down…

Yet another SAL contest! This one is courtesy of the fine fellas of Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start. I reviewed the band’s great new album, Worst Band Name Ever, right here. The winner will receive the new CD, Girls Names CDEP, It’s A King Thing CD (Steve from UUDD plays drums), and an UUDD tee shirt. That’s a crapload of free stuff! The winner will be picked a little differently for this contest. The person that comes up with a worse band name than Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start will win the prizes. Steve and I will pick the winner but he will have final say as he is the owner of the aforementioned free swag. You can either leave the band name in the comment field with a legitimate email address or send it via email to with “Contest” as your subject. Sorry overseas readers…residents of US and Canada only please. Contest ends Sunday, July 8th.


Up Up Down Down – The Red Loop (mp3)

Up Up Down Down – I’ll Thank You Later (mp3)

Up Up Down Down – I’ll Thank You Later (video)



  1. “Do The Twist Hedgehog”
    “My Favorite Nineties Game Was Pog” (MFNGP)
    I’d love some Up Up Down Down stuff, these are some pretty bad names…think about it.
    “Sticky Magnet Stuck to Frige” (SMSF) (well damn I’m trying)

  2. either “red jumpsuit apparatus” or “dammit! if i save the mother the baby dies… if i let the baby live i kill the mother… I WASN’T READY TO PLAY GOD TODAYYYYY!!!!”

  3. “Final goodbye to the magical beast” and “The Middle-aged baby-boomers who refuse to get old” or “The baby mama drama trio”

  4. “Dude, What Happened to the Screaming Drummer?”

    “That is What Your Mom Said”

    “Fantastic Plastic Heart Machines”

    “The Dead Cell Phone Batteries”

    “007 373 5963”

  5. “Are other band name is in the shop’ and “We called each other Yo”

  6. my real band name in high school was “albino meat pods”… that’s pretty bad.

  7. “Brian Newell and The Fingerless Gloves”

  8. “Steve and the Pole Ponies”
    “The Davids”
    “Gary Busey Is An Okay Guy”
    “Gray’s Anomaly”
    “Frank’s Pizza”
    . . . I guess I read “worst band name” as “BEST band name/screen name.”

    But WBNE is the best album ever. Check out my lame review on iTunes 😉

  9. “Hug of War”
    “Dragon Tits”
    “Flaming Dragon Tits”

  10. “The Will Miller Soundgasm”

  11. “Playing In This Band Is Life, The Rest Is Just Details”
    “My Other Band Is A Penis”

  12. “Rubik’s Dude.”


    “Steve Poponi and the Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Starts.”


    “Contra: 30 Lives.”

  13. “rage against the red hot chili korn bizkits”

  14. “Registered Attack”

    “Unconditional Reinforcement”


  15. “Will Miller’s Soundgasm”… Yeah, I like that. That might be Best Band Name Ever material.

    How about “Boney Mitchell and the Jefferson’s Starship”?

    Or: “Moving On Up Up Down Down…”

  16. “Contra Code” i still think is good.
    and someone up there took my “007 373 5963” idea, so i’ll have to one up and go:
    “267 913 7638” which is the super macho man code.
    “Encyclopedia Brown”, “Torpedo Run”, “Camp Sleepaway”, “Domino Rally”, and “The City On Fire” have all been shot down by Mr. Miller, so they’re automatic contenders.

    oh, and “Next On The Docket”.

  17. “Chester Nesbaum and Grandma’s Goiter”

  18. “Fat Girl Camp”

    “Shaken Baby Syndrome”

    anyone? yes……

  19. Hey Fat Girl Camp!!!!! I remember Fat Girl Camp!!

    “Shaken Baby Casserole”

  20. Kimmy Gibbler Cosmonauts! but I have to hand it to Courtney for “Will Miller Soundgasm” and “Shaken Baby Casserole.

  21. “The One Where Zach Finally Nails Kelly and Slater Comes Out”

    “R U N2 CYBR?”

  22. “Poop Stains on Abe Vigoda’s Bowflex”

  23. “Edward James Almost”

    “Pretty In Pinko Commie Scum”

    “Uncle Jesse Touched Me Heiny”

    “Heinreich Maneuver”


    This post is going to break the comment record for SAL, I bet.

  24. “Turd Ferguson”

  25. “Mattison Gamble’s Red Skidmark Experience”

  26. “!!!”
    or “the the”

  27. Howz bout:

    The Tuna Ticklers!!!

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