Posted by: will | June 25, 2007


Olympia “Emergencies” (Equal Vision)


I was impressed and excited after hearing Olympia’s debut EP earlier this year. The band is made up of ex-members of the emo/rock bands, Brand New Disaster and Fairweather. I had a strong attraction to the band from the get go. Simply put, there are not many bands playing this style anymore it seems. As I stated in my first review, Olympia have an advantage because the band is able to stand out with a distinct, yet still familiar sound.

“Chorus! Chorus! Chorus!” and “Olympia Is A Motherfucker” get Emergencies off to a rousing and aggresive start. “The Resurrectionest”, “Bastogne” and “It’s Okay To Eat The Dead (Times Are Tough)” make a return appearance from the EP and stand out as some of the top tracks on Emergencies. I am sure that the band members probably do not want to hear it but many of these songs sound straight out of the Fairweather song booklet. That is a mighty good thing in my opinion though. The title track, “Emergencies”, is a standout song that displays the band’s willingness to head into more atmospheric and emotional terrain. On “Who’s Bad Party Time” the band loses the drums. The song lays back and lets vocalist Phil Williams’ soft vocals perform over intricate guitar in the background. It is a strong departure from the band’s usual pummeling attack on Emergencies. “Lo, My Name Is Abhorred” is a fabulous, epic album closer that showcases Olympia’s ability to create strong emotional rock songs full of depth.

The biggest problem I see for Olympia on Emergencies is that it seems the band is split on what direction they should head. You get the feeling that the band is trying to mine two different areas and perhaps spreading themselves a little too thin. With growth, that should be corrected and I expect a more cohesive sound from the band in the future. While Emergencies might not fully deliver on the hope I originally had for Olympia, it is a strong debut which offers a great deal of promise for the the band in the future.

RIYL: Fairweather, Brand New Disaster, The Movielife


Olympia – Olympia Is A Motherfucker (mp3)

Olympia – M-80 (mp3)

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