Posted by: will | June 22, 2007

Flight Of The Conchords…

I hardly ever watch TV but my girlfriend and I did sit down last night and watch the series premiere of the new HBO comedy series, Flight Of The Conchords, on HBO Demand. It was funny but I am not so sure how well it is going to be received. I am a much bigger fan of the actual dialogue in the show rather than the songs they bust out. Either way, this is pretty humorous stuff. Take a look.



  1. “You’re so beautiful, like a high class hooker” killed me! Funny stuff, thanks!

  2. Heh, I think I would enjoy the dialogue more if it weren’t for their NZ accents…but the part where they meet the manager and find out he makes NZ promotional posters had me cracking up. New Zealand…..ROCKS!!!

  3. hey .. your site’s a great addition to the music/art community. I added your link on my site.


  4. Come on!!! Can I buy a kabab! I love the accent!

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