Posted by: will | June 21, 2007

Up Up Down Down…


Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start “Worst Band Name Ever” (Self-Released)


The long winded Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start finally return with their second full-length album, humorously titled, Worst Band Name Ever. It is the band’s follow-up to their debut full-length, 2003’s tremendous And Nothing is #1. The band has been anything but dormant over the last four years though. While they have not toured very much they have in fact kept busy. The band has recorded four EPs (three of which are available for free download on the band’s site) since And Nothing Is #1.

There has been some changes and shifts in Up Up Down Down’s sound over the last couple of years. Perhaps that is because members have always come and gone from the band. For one, the songs have become noticeably shorter. Worst Band Name Ever clocks in at only 10 songs in 21 minutes. The dynamic nature of the band has shifted somewhat as well. There seems to be less emphasis on “mathy” arrangements in favor of a more stream-lined and smoother sound. One constant for the band is the founder, vocalist/guitarist Steve Poponi. Even with shifts in the music, Poponi’s often humorous and self-deprecating lyrical style has stayed true. Poponi’s lyrics are completely conversational and have a simple, rather endearing quality to them.

Worst Band Name Ever is yet another fine chapter for UUDD. The band has an infectious nature about their songs. From the catchy “I’ll Thank You Later” to the gorgeous slow number “Maureen Kehoe” to the more rock-inclined tunes, UUDD covers an amazing amount of territory in these 21 minutes. The humorous “Boise” is that tounge and cheek song that perhaps addresses why the band does not tour anymore. The lyrics “We’re not mad we drove through six hours of snow to gladly play a show for two people when we could be home making money” are absolutely priceless. Worst Band Name Ever really encompasses the heart and soul of UUDD and all the band is capable of.

With Worst Band Name Ever, Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start will most likely remain the underappreciated underdog of indie rock. It certainly has nothing to do with the ability to write great songs though. UUDD keep on doing just that with every release. All I can say is that if you have not heard this band yet, you are severely missing out. It is hard to explain those bands/artists that just hit you in that right way. Up Up Down Down is just one of those bands that makes me happy.

(The CD also contains the video for the song, “I’ll Thank You Later,” guitar tabs for the entire album, a mix tape featuring 18 of the band’s favorite indie artists and links to over 40 free mp3 downloads from previous recordings. Very cool…please support these guys!)

RIYL: Death Cab For Cutie, Guided By Voices, Superchunk


Up Up Down Down – The Red Loop (mp3)

Up Up Down Down – I’ll Thank You Later (mp3)

Up Up Down Down – I’ll Thank You Later (video)



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