Posted by: will | June 20, 2007


Voxtrot “Voxtrot” (Playlouder/The Beggars Group)

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Voxtrot has seen a rather quick ascent to their current indie rock stature. With the release of two wonderful EPs, Raised By Wolves in 2005 and Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives in 2006, the band found themselves suddenly on the verge. The band’s first two releases were outstanding slices of indie pop/rock in the vein of The Smiths, Belle And Sebastian and even a little Ted Leo. Then the group fell short with their Your Biggest Fan EP that was issued at the end of 2006. It seemed that the magic might have been lost for the band. On their long-awaited full-length debut could Voxtrot pick right back up where their Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives EP left off?

“Introduction” is a beautiful start to the album even if it is a little unexpected. As strings carry the slow tempoed song out it is apparent that this Voxtrot might be a whole new beast. However that suspicion is quickly brushed aside. The rocking “Kid Gloves” and “Firecracker” are those Voxtrot songs that really bring the Ted Leo comparisons into light. With lyrics like “Cheer me up, cheer me up, I’m a miserable fuck”, it is as infectious as the band has sounded in their young career. “Stephen” is a bouncy pop song that brings to mind Belle And Sebastian or even The Beatles. The whole first half of the album proves the magic that Voxtrot found on their earlier EPs is still alive and kicking. The raucous indie rock of “Brother In Conflict” and “Easy” continue the band’s winning streak. However, other than the memorable “Every Day”, the last third of the album simply runs out of steam. Too often the band find themselves wallowing in a little too much melodrama than the band is capable of pulling off. It is a shame the album ends on such a downer. It unfortunately gives credence to people calling Voxtrot an EP band. In reality though, for 2/3 of the album, Voxtrot excel at their craft.

While Voxtrot have not hit a homerun on their debut full-length they have put out an incredibly strong effort. By no means is this the disappointment that some people would have you believe. There is absolutely no reason for fans of the band’s earlier EPs to not find a whole lot to like here. For me, Voxtrot still remain one of the more exciting additions to the often boring and stale indie pop genre.

RIYL: The Smiths, Belle And Sebastian, Ted Leo

Listen: Voxtrot – Kid Gloves (mp3)



  1. I like Voxtrot first time i heard Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives. For their new album, i’d say Real Life Version is beautiful track.

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