Posted by: will | June 15, 2007

Contest Update – Tulsa Drone…

(I have extended the Tulsa Drone contest til the end of the weekend!)

My next contest comes courtesy of the fine folks over at Perpetual Motion Machine and the great Tulsa Drone. I reviewed the band’s brand new album, Songs From A Mean Season here. The lucky winner will receive the new CD as well as the band’s debut CD, No Wake. I am really excited about this contest because these are two great albums that fans of instrumental music should definitely have. You can enter the contest one of two ways. You can either leave a comment on this post with a legitimate email address or send me an email to with “Contest” as your subject. It’s as simple as that. Sorry overseas readers…residents of US and Canada only please. Contest ends Sunday, June 17th.

Listen: Tulsa Drone – Monongahela (mp3)



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  2. Great band with a distinct sound. Seen them a few times w/ Caspian and they are a solid live show. Richmond doesn’t have a lot to brag about in terms of interesting bands (Labradford certainly qualifies, but beyond that…) but Tulsa Drone will appeal to fans of (duh) drone music, as well as ambient and beyond.

  3. Incredible people, incredible music!

  4. I’d always heard about the amazingness of Tulsa Drone from my pals Caspian when they first played with them a couple years ago. And then when I heard Chiaroscuro on their page some months ago, I was convinced they were amazing…

  5. Thanks for the music, as well as the contest. It’s appreciated.

  6. Entering the contest. I love this stuff!

  7. Who doesn’t like the Tulsa Drone?

    only those who haven’t listened…

  8. I love these guys. Used to work with one of them. Would love to have the new album. Woooooooooooooooooooo!

  9. Please?

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