Posted by: will | June 14, 2007


Limbeck “Limbeck” (Doghouse)


Limbeck has returned with their fourth full-length and it is a self-titled affair. Usually when a group slaps that tag on an album it means they think they have created an album which truly represents the band. Limbeck made a giant artistic leap in between their debut and their second full-length, 2003’s Hi, Everything’s Great. It was a unique jump from generic pop-punk to well tuned and polished alt-country pop band. It was quite an impressive change of pace for the band. Ever since then, Limbeck has shown a propency to grow, but only in small, subtle steps.

This self-titled album sees the band continuing with those tiny progressions. Limbeck have left off a little of that country edge in favor of a more rootsy pop sheen here. For the most part it works rather well. Fans of alt-country bands who dabble in pop like Old 97’s should find a lot to love with Limbeck. On this record, the band adds some nice intrumental touches like horns that really fit well with their bouncy melodies. The band simply knows how to write a good pop song. And these are upbeat pop songs for the most part…not your traditional broken heart alt-country ballads. Positive vibes abound and it is certainly nice to hear for a change from a band mining this musical territory.

There is really not too much difference between the band’s last three albums. Limbeck is a band that simply wants to write good songs and have some fun playing them across the country. They are not out there for some larger artistic statement. It’s all about living life and having fun while doing so. For that alone, Limbeck is simply a hard band to dislike.

RIYL: Wilco, The Shins, Old 97’s

Listen: Limbeck – Big Drag (mp3)


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