Posted by: will | June 12, 2007

The Graduate…

The Graduate “Anhedonia” (Icon Mes)


The Graduate are a difficult band to get a handle on. Musically, these guys are doing something a little different from the masses of normal emo drivel coming out. Yet the band still has trouble finding their footing and truly distinguishing themselves from the pack on Anhedonia. The band also seems to have an identity crisis of sorts as they often come off as sounding like two or three different bands during Anhedonia. At times the band touches on the more pop side of a band like Motion City Soundtrack. Those are the times when the band feels the most comfortable and at their best. Other tracks seem like forced experiments in the Circa Survive alt-rock vein. The Graduate simply do not have the chops to live up to a band like that just yet. Where Circa Survive are obtuse, The Graduate are completely smoothed out and simple. Perhaps The Graduate are for kids who find Circa Survive a little too difficult to decipher. There is also those nauseous moments when the band reminds one of Incubus. Even so, The Graduate still manage to occassionally suck the listener in with their ability to write an infectious melody. The Graduate should definitely be commended for trying to do something outside of the box. However, the band still seems to be searching for their true path on Anhedonia. If they can figure out which direction they want to go, well, they just might be on to something.

RIYL: Motion City Soundtrack, Circa Survive, Incubus

Listen: The Graduate – Sit & Sink (mp3)


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