Posted by: will | June 11, 2007


Idlewild “Make Another World” (Red/Sanctuary)

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I have never understood why Idlewild has not caught on more in the States. The Scottish band writes great pop rock songs more consistently than just about any other band in the world. Critics be damned, this band knows just how to craft a powerful pop song. Make Another World rescues the band from their weakest album, 2005’s Warnings/Promises. It continues the band’s incredible tradition.

Fans of the band know and appreciate what the band offers. However, there is little glory from the critics. I mean, what is so hard about playing melodic guitar rock, right? I’m not sure I can answer that question. But, I do know that there are not many bands doing what Idlewild has done so well for as many years as they have. Fans of older REM material should buy all of the Idlewild albums in bulk. REM is quite obviously the band’s greatest influence. In many ways the band transcends that influence though. Idlewild can also be compared to another band that HAS hit it big in the US….Snow Patrol. However, while Snow Patrol seems to have dumbed and mellowed out their sound to reach that point, Idlewild certainly has not. On Make Another World, Idlewild sounds just as powerful and relevant as they did many years ago.

Make Another World is yet another exhilirating Idlewild album. While the band might not change the world with their songs, they will certainly have you singing along. Too often, we ask bands to do more than they are capable of. Idlewild know their strengths and they stick to them remarkably well. I guess it is a matter of personal taste at the end of the day. Idlewild just nestle right up into my comfort zone.

RIYL: REM, Snow Patrol, Seafood


Idlewild – In Competition For The Worst Time (mp3)

Idlewild – You And I Are Both Away (mp3)



  1. I’m a HUGE Idlewild fan and I’ve also wondered for many years now why they haven’t caught on in the states, but I have to disagree with you here. I believe this current album is probably their weakest.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are some spectacular moments here and when MAW is on, it is great, but it’s way more inconsistant than anything else they’ve put out up to this point. I was glad to hear that they were coming back with a harder edge than the mellowness they brought on the last album, but it seems as though they decided to only do that with maybe 4 or 5 of these tracks.

    I still think 100 Broken Windows was the perfect balancing point and even though they’ve continued to evolve away from the thrashers that I liked from them early on, I have to say I still loved their more melodic compositions over the years. I just think MAW was a little too scatterbrained for me to digest right now.

  2. While this album is certainly not my favorite (I agree with you in regards to 100 Broken Windows), I believe the last album was by far the band’s low point. MAW sees the band returning to their roots a bit I think.

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