Posted by: will | June 8, 2007

Joy Wants Eternity…

Joy Wants Eternity “You Who Pretend To Sleep” (Beep Repaired)


Joy Wants Eternity are a Seattle-based instrumental rock group and You Who Pretend To Sleep is the band’s mightily impressive debut record. The band plays gorgeously shimmering instrumental pieces much in the vein of bands like Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky. While the band may not be mining the most original territory, You Who Pretend To Sleep rises far above the gob of bands playing this style.

Yes, Joy Wants Eternity practices the patented loud/soft dynamic. We have all heard it before but I swear it still kills me when a band nails it and JWE do just that on You Who Pretend To Sleep. The ebb and flow of the band’s music washes over you in wave after addictive wave. Whether it comes from glorious shards of guitar feedback or from the layers of effects and keyboards, the band sucks you in at every nimble twist and turn. Joy Wants Eternity manages to keep your attention with a diverse array of instrumentation and textures while still maintaining an incredibly cohesive sound throughout. This speaks to the composition skills of the members and makes it even more impressive that this is only the band’s debut full-length.

I find myself being more and more unimpressed with instrumental bands lately. JWE is certainly an exception though. You Who Pretend To Sleep is as engrossing and well done as instrumental post-rock gets in 2007. The band deserves to be mentioned in the upper echelon of bands playing this style from now on. You Who Pretend To Sleep is simply that good.

RIYL: Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Mono

Listen: Joy Wants Eternity – About The Clouds Lies Eternal Sun (mp3)


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