Posted by: will | June 6, 2007

The Harlem Shakes…

The Harlem Shakes “Burning Birthdays” (Self-Released)

Buy it at Insound!

My first instinct was to dismiss The Harlem Shakes. I mean, a band from Brooklyn, NY playing indie rock/post-punk? Wow, how original, right? Phrases like “a dime a dozen” came to mind rather quickly. However, with more and more listens, The Harlem Shakes debut EP, Burning Birthdays, has won me over. Unlike so many, The Harlem Shakes have soul as well as a certain knack for writing some downright catchy tunes. All five tracks here are winners and the EP is one that can be put on repeat several times over. What is nice to hear from The Harlem Shakes is a dynamic playfulness that bands of this genre severely lack at times. These guys possess obvious confidence in what they are doing but never take themselves too seriously. It will be interesting to see where The Harlem Shakes go from here. For now they are doing just fine on Burning Birthdays.

RIYL: French Kicks, The Walkmen, The Strokes

Listen: The Harlem Shakes – Carpetbaggers (mp3)


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