Posted by: will | June 5, 2007

Bridge And Tunnel…


Bridge And Tunnel “Bridge And Tunnel” (No Idea)


From pain will come pleasure. With the death of Latterman (oh the sadness!), comes the birth of one of my new favorite bands…Bridge And Tunnel. The new band comes courtesy of members of a host of bands, most notably Latterman and Slingshot Dakota. Bridge And Tunnel do not disappoint in the least bit on their debut seven-inch record via No Idea Records. Recorded by the venerable Phil Douglas (also of Latterman), these four songs brim with an undeniable energy and passion. Bridge And Tunnel are a bit more diverse instrumentally than the group’s past musical endeavors. The band goes in an almost post-hardcore direction at times before pulling back on the reins. However, the infectious sing-along quality still remains prevalent no matter what style the band is experimenting with. The addition of male/female vocals to the equation works wonders and really is able to carry these songs at times. Bridge And Tunnel keeps the positive community feel of their former bands firmly intact. Call it pop-punk with soul if you will. These four songs do show a willingness to expand beyond contemporary pop-punk though. Whatever you want to call it, Bridge And Tunnel make it work. I can not wait to hear what the band has in store next.

RIYL: Latterman, Slingshot Dakota, Dillinger Four

Listen: (All four songs are on the band’s myspace page below.)



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