Posted by: will | June 1, 2007



Solea “Finally We Are Nowhere” (Bad News)

BUY HERE! (Japanese Import or the album is available via Itunes as well.)

I find it absolutely stunning that Solea has yet to find a permanent US label to put out their records. You have a quality band that has impressive credentials (singer Garrett Klahn of Texas Is The Reason and guitarist Sergie Loobkoff of Samiam) and has put out good to great material. So, what is the problem here? Finally We Are Nowhere should be the record that gets these guys a real deal in the States. While the band’s past material was solid and showed a lot of promise, this is the record that I was expecting to hear from Solea when I first heard of the project years back.

With Klahn’s vocals all over Finally We Are Nowhere, it is almost impossible to not hear Texas Is The Reason in these songs. Instrumentally, Loobkoff gives the band a more upbeat flavor more akin to the great pop-punk of Samiam. With the addition of Scott McPherson, formerly of Sense Field, on drums you have a virtual who’s who of emo rock circa 1996. From upbeat rock numbers to more atmospheric pop-influenced tunes, Solea hits on all cylinders here. Thanks to the band’s past pedigree, Solea has an incrediblly mature range across Finally We Are Nowhere. The production is crisp and matches the band’s sharp songwriting with wonderful results. Finally We Are Nowhere sounds big and the songs live up to the production.

It is impossible to dismiss the familiarity of Klahn’s vocals and Loobkoff’s upbeat song-writing when listening to Solea. Texas Is The Reason and Samiam aside though, Solea is a band that deserves to stand completely on their own. Fans of the aforementioned bands should find a lot to love with Solea as well. The band has written a ten-song emotional power pop-punk masterpiece. It’s a shame that people in the States might not get the chance to hear Finally We Are Nowhere.

RIYL: Samiam, Texas Is The Reason, Jimmy Eat World


Solea – Finally We Are Nowhere (stream)

Solea – Far And Wide (stream)


Solea – Finally We Are Nowhere (mp3)

Solea – Far And Wide (mp3)



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  2. (sheepishly realizes that speakers are built in and just needed to turn up the volume thing)

    I like this!

  3. Glad to have you back Maritza!

  4. A most excellent post!

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