Posted by: will | June 1, 2007

Band You Should Have Known – Wood And Wires…

Band You Should Have Known

Wood And Wires was a short-lived, yet tremendous post-rock band from Madison, Wisconsin. The band released only one six-song album that is now sadly out of print. This is some high-end instrumental post-rock in the vein of genre greats like Explosions In The Sky and Mono. Fans of this genre should definitely seek this out. But, if you can’t find it, you can just download it below. Thanks to the band!

Download Individual Songs:

1. Telescopium (mp3)

2. Canes Venatici (mp3)

3. Archernar (mp3)

4. Gienah Cygni (mp3)

5. Vega (mp3)

6. Alya (mp3)

Download Entire Album:

Wood And Wires – Self-Titled (rar/zip file)



  1. I really liked this alot. It’s soothing without lapsing into the dreaded “new age” music.

  2. thanks so much for posting this.
    even though the band is not together anymore we still appreciate all of our listeners and supporters.

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