Posted by: will | May 31, 2007


Self-Evident “Self-Evident” (Double Plus Good)


Self-Evident are a powerful indie rock trio based out of Minneapolis, MN. If you are a fan of the mathy DC sound that spawned bands like Fugazi and Faraquet then Self-Evident is a must hear. This is the band’s second full-length record and marks a new line-up as well as a more mature and stream-lined sound. The band deftly goes back and forth between twinkly guitars to mathy rock. Whatever sound the band is mining, they do it with a remarkable poise. Too often with music of this nature melodies seem to get lost in the instrumental shuffle. However, there is a melodic undercurrent that runs below the surface of Self-Evident’s songs and the band never manages to lose sight of it. That says a great deal about the talent and precision displayed here by these three excellent musicians. Another positive about this record is in its brevity. Bands of this style simply overdue it a lot of the time. We get it…you are good musicians, but that does not mean we need ten minutes of guitar wanking to prove it to us. Self-Evident get in and get out…12 songs in 34 minutes and the band has shown all the chops necessary and needed. Self-Evident have put forth a mature and extremely confident effort that proves they deserve to be noticed. Message received loud and clear.

RIYL: Faraquet, Karate, Fugazi

Listen: Self-Evident – Dear Civilian (mp3)



  1. Fugazi?, Faraquet? I just got a boner!
    Really good stuff and you nailed it on the review. I don’t like any songs that go one for 10 mins regardless of the quality.
    When are these bands going to release there shit on non-DRM mp3 though! I don’t want a CD that I’ll use once and then through in storage and I don’t want to wait two weeks to get it.

  2. I figured this would be right up your alley Court!

  3. Just got around to listening to this mp3. I really like it, vocalist reminds me a bit of Jim Ward from Sparta/ATDI

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