Posted by: will | May 29, 2007

Dinosaur Jr…


Dinosaur Jr. “Beyond” (Fat Possum)

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So, the original boys are back. J. Mascis finally rehired the two other founding members of Dinosaur Jr. that he had fired. So, now we have the original band’s first album since 1988’s Bug. Frankly, Beyond sounds like they never really left. Mascis has created such an original and easily recognizable sound over the many different incarnations of Dinosaur Jr. and Beyond continues that legacy rather proudly. Much like The Lemonheads “getting back together” record last year sounded so comfortably familiar, Beyond certainly has that same feel.

Just because Lou Barlow is back in Dinosaur Jr. does not change the fact that this is Mascis’ baby. Mascis’ voice still has that achingly painful way of being able to squeeze his emotions out. I had simply forgotten how emotionally wrenching Mascis’ song-writing can be at times. And of course there is his guitar playing. Mascis is quite simply a guitar god and he leaves his mark all over Beyond in that department. Not to be completely overshadowed, Barlow takes the lead on two songs here and they sound simply fantastic. There are not too many people that can write songs as tender and emotionally bare as Barlow and these two songs prove that fact. Drummer Murph is as steady as he has always been. The band sounds rejuvenated on Beyond. All three members have simply turned back the clock twenty years and they leave no doubt that the best Dinosaur Jr. line-up is finally back together.

Beyond is much more than I expected from three guys that had not played together in close to twenty years. These songs would fit right in with the band’s “classics” and that says an awful lot about their strengths. While I have heard rumblings that the album sounds “safe” to some I am not buying it. For long-time fans of the band, Beyond just sounds like a beautiful return to form. What more could you possibly ask for?

RIYL: Sonic Youth, The Lemonheads, Sebadoh

Listen: Dinosaur Jr. – Almost Ready (mp3)

Video: Dinosaur Jr. – Been There All The Time (video)


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