Posted by: will | May 28, 2007

Contest Update – Midnight Movies…

(The entries for this contest have been less than stellar for some reason. Which means you have a good shot if you enter. Free swag peeps!)

Contest #2 on SAL will be a Midnight Movies giveaway. The winner will receive a signed copy of the Midnight Movies new album, Lion The Girl, a Midnight Movies Tee shirt with the design up above and a hard copy of Ragged magazine with photos/articles on the band. You can check out my review for Lion The Girl here. You can enter the contest one of two ways. You can either leave a comment on this post with a legitimate email address or send me an email to with “Contest” as your subject. It’s as simple as that. Sorry overseas readers…residents of US and Canada only please. Contest ends Friday, June 1st.


Midnight Movies – Coral Den (mp3)

Midnight Movies – Patient Eye (James Iha remix) (mp3)



  1. I’m going to win one of your contests whether you like it or not. Aren’t they an LA band? All the more reason that “Hollywood” Brian McKinney should win.

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