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Jesu “Conqueror” (Hydra Head)

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Justin Broadrick was the founding member of the influential bands, Napalm Death and Godflesh. Jesu is his third project and Conqueror is the group’s second full-length album. The number of bands that are mining the territory Jesu does are few and far between. The band’s style has been called a lot of things. But, I like to call it shoegazing metal. I’m not a metalhead by any stretch of the imagination. For me to listen to metal, it has to bring an element of melody and/or beauty to the table. Jesu certainly does that with every release.

Much in the same way that Hum balanced their meaty riffs with the soothing vocal style of Matt Talbot, Jesu and Justin Broadrick prove they are masters of the style. The slow doomy drone of the music is offset by Broadrick’s understated vocal style that simply washes over you. The combination is almost hypnotic as it lulls you into a state of musical bliss. Like I have stated before, the band’s shoegazing influence is apparent. Bands like Ride, Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine are all given a tip of the hat throughout. Conqueror is most definitely a grower of an album. Upon first listen these tracks can come off as almost robotic in their consistency. However, with each listen the repetition proves to be the driving force behind Jesu’s sound. It is a wonderful revelation as a listener to realize there certainly is a method to Broadrick’s slow churning madness.

It could be said that if you have heard one Jesu song you have heard them all. On the surface the songs that span across the Jesu discography do bare great similarities. However, it is the subtleties in Broadrick’s compositions that continue to create such an intriguing musical landscape. A whole new world can be discovered when listening to Conqueror. Who knew metal could sound so damn pretty?

RIYL: Hum, My Bloody Valentine, Spiritualized


Jesu – Transfigure (stream)


Jesu – Transfigure (mp3) (full album stream)



  1. Good stuff!

  2. It is really good to hear this type of music again. You just don’t hear a lot of this sort of post hardcore anymore. Some of the stuff sounds like it was taken right out of Matt Talbot’s handbook (which is awesome), some of it is quite unique. In any case it rules!

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