Posted by: will | May 23, 2007

Album Of The Day – Look Mexico…

Look Mexico “This Is Animal Music” (Lujo)

The real cover art is on the right but perhaps the band should have gone with the one on the left…that’s my opinion at least. Anyway, I got the debut full-length from Look Mexico in the mail last week. Wow, what a tremendous leap forward for the band. I reviewed last year’s The Crucial EP here. What is up with the return of so many great noodley (real) emo bands lately? Not sure, but I am loving it. Check out some of the new songs on the band’s myspace page here. Release date is July 14th via Lujo Records.



  1. i also posted a review of this album the other day and then got into a fight with their publicist over which braid album they sounded more like… my review said “Frame And Canvas” but only to make it accessible to casual braid fans (are there any?) but i think it’s really “Frankie Welfare Boy” as there’s a lot of bizarre TV/radio samples. but said publicist claims that they’re more like american football. i dunno.

  2. I agree with the publicist…i hear a lot more of american football in here than braid.

  3. you both should go work for an emo label!

  4. no thanks…been there done that.

  5. “you both should go work for an emo label!”

    If this refers to Chuck and you, Will, this statement is pretty funny considering…

    I definitely hear more AF, and in fact, the drummer confirmed this in the interview I just did with him.

  6. Ha, Chuck and I definitely know our emo reference points.

  7. the drummer confirmed what you hear more of? that’s like percussionist telepathy… spooky.

    i don’t recall any radio/tv samples on AF’s album, which was the point i was trying to make… maybe metrically speaking, the tempos, rhythms and aesthetics are more AF, but sample-y speaking – it’s totally braid circa ’97.


  8. great…samples…we’re talking about what the music sounds more like smart guy!

  9. the music sounds like samples to me.

    (i’m trying to start an east side/west side beef)

  10. I think that L.A. smog has dumbed you down a little bit.

    Don’t fuck with the Dirty South!

  11. maybe if i could win one of your contests i wouldn’t be so embittered.

    dirty south??? i am queens blvd.

  12. You sold out though…trader!

  13. These guys sound like Xiu Xiu, minus the naked Cambodian refugee.

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