Posted by: will | May 22, 2007


Bayside “The Walking Wounded” (Victory)


This is my first exposure to Bayside even though what the band’s sound has been described as has always intrigued me. However, it seemed when I read about the band they were usually written off as a poor man’s version of Alkaline Trio. I can certainly understand that sentiment when listenening to The Walking Wounded. Bayside deserve a little more credit than that though. I hear a huge Smoking Popes influence on the band all throughout The Walking Wounded. That is certainly not surprising as Alkaline Trio gloriously ripped the Popes off quite liberally. What do all three of these bands have in common? They are all from Chicago. And they all play a brand of sarcastic, dark and moody pop-punk laced with an emo underbelly. Scene incest anyone? Whatever the case may be, Bayside’s The Walking Wounded is a strong set of songs that fans of the aforementioned bands should find a lot to like about. While not as infectious, Bayside share a lot of similarities with a band like Motion City Soundtrack as well. Bayside may not be doing anything quite new but they do it fairly well. And I would much rather hear this style all day compared to yet another horrible poppy screamo band. You hear me Victory Records?

RIYL: The Smoking Popes, Alkaline Trio, Motion City Soundtrack

Listen: Bayside – Duality (stream)


Download: Bayside – Duality (mp3)




  1. Actually, Bayside are from New York, not from Chicago. Their label, Victory, is from Chicago, but the guys themselves are from Long Island.

    Good review though!

  2. Talk about not doing my research…I could have sworn they were from Chicago. Thanks Rey!

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