Posted by: will | May 21, 2007



Glös “Harmonium” (Lovitt)


Glös is an indie rock super group of sorts. It is also a family affair as it sees the reuniting of Keely and Maura Davis. Keely Davis once manned the lead role in the great indie/post-hardcore band Engine Down. He has since moved on to At The Drive-In offshoot, Sparta. Maura Davis first enlisted her brother to play guitar in her project, Denali. After two successful albums the group disbanded. Now, Maura is returning the favor as she has been called into duty by her brother for his new project, Glös. The band is completed by drummer Matthew “Cornbread” Compton (Engine Down/Biology/Heavens).

As Keely Davis sings lead on Harmonium, it is certainly most reminiscent of Engine Down. Overall, Glös is more somber and atmospheric compared to Engine Down’s more rock-layered sound. However, if you go back to Engine Down’s second album, To Bury Within The Sound, there is a striking similarity in mood. That album was Engine Down’s darkest and most passive. The style is remarkably reminiscent and fans of that album will love what they hear on Harmonium. Keely Davis’ songwriting is eerily familiar. His compositions are subtle but overflow with brimming passion and strength. His vocals have never been the strong point of his repertoire but they have always complimented his songs with a tremendous depth. Here you have the added bonus of Maura Davis’ subtle but haunting backing vocals. Upon first listen it seemed like a terrible waste to relegate her vocals to the background. However, it adds a certain dynamic that was missing from Engine Down. The brother and sister tandem once again prove that great things occur when they play music together.

Keely Davis has not lost his songwriting touch one bit on Harmonium. If anything he has sharpened his skills. With Maura Davis providing him a new dynamic and Compton keeping his usual steady, creative beat the sky is the limit for Glös. Much like Engine Down albums, Harmonium might take a few listens to sink in. Once it does though, it is a beautiful revelation. For fans of dark, moody indie rock look no further than Glös.

RIYL: Engine Down, Denali, Sparta


Public Speaker (stream)

Telepathy (stream)


Public Speaker (mp3)

Telepathy (mp3)




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