Posted by: will | May 18, 2007

Bees And The Birds…

Bees And The Birds “The Bee Team” (Our Neighborhood)


Bees And The Birds keep it short and simple so I will do the same with this review. The band plays an infectious brand of folky indie pop. While it may not be the most original sound, the band makes it sound incredibly refreshing on their debut EP. The group’s back and forth male/female vocals is done with such an innocent playfulness that you can not help but be sucked in by it all. The first two songs here show off the band’s humorous nature and addictive energy. It is the third song, “Waiting For A Call” that is able to show off a deeper emotional side to Bees And The Birds. It’s a bare, beautiful song that really sinks in more and more with each listen. Three songs in 8 minutes…if you aren’t careful you will find that you have listened to this little disc ten times in a row whithout a care in the world. Fun. Honest. Simple. Beautiful. What more could you really ask for?

RIYL: Mates of State, Baby Calendar, Rainer Maria

Listen: (Go listen to the band’s songs on their myspace page)


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