Posted by: will | May 17, 2007

Great Northern…


Great Northern “Trading Twilight For Daylight” (Eenie Meenie)

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There once was a band by the name of Imperial Teen. You might remember them. They had an MTV hit, “Yoo Hoo”, which was on the Jawbreaker soundtrack. The band released two great albums on majors before releasing their third album via Merge in 2002. The band played smart, catchy and imaginative indie pop with male/female vocals. I tell you this because Great Northern remind me a lot of Imperial Teen. Great Northern’s songs might be slower tempo-wise and offer a little more emotional depth than Imperial Teen but I noticed the similarities almost instantly.

On their debut, Trading Twilight For Daylight, Great Northern sound well beyond their years as a band. They craft beautiful songs with melodies that are incredibly infectious. The male/female vocals of Solon Bixler and Rachel Stolte compliment each other brilliantly as they guide these songs. There is a great deal going on within these lovely pop tunes. Bixler should be commended for that. He does an excellent job of arranging and composing these songs. The songs convey many emotions over many different shades of pop. From light and breezy to dark and heavy orchestral pop, it is apparent that Great Northern refuse to limit themselves over the course of Trading Twilight For Daylight. We are the lucky ones for that.

Great Northern have put forth a fabulous debut here. For fans of indie pop done in all it’s many variations, look no further than Trading Twilight For Daylight. The band has simply bypassed the maturation process. They are already at a stage where older bands still continue to reach for. Just imagine where they might be for the next album. The prospects are promising indeed.

RIYL: Imperial Teen, The Breeders, Earlimart

Listen: Great Northern – Home (mp3)



  1. amazing amazing album!!

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