Posted by: will | May 16, 2007


Lacona “35/Half of 70 (single)/President’s Day (single) (Self-Released)


Lacona are an excellent indie rock band from Chicago. The group recently spent nine months in the studio recording Pantomime, which is scheduled for release later this year. Fourteen tracks made the cut for Pantomine. The band decided to release singles before the album’s release with each including a B-Side that did not make the cut. It’s a cool idea but whatever happened to vinyl? Come on! I digress though.

These four songs showcase a willingness to explore and experiment that should be commended. Lacona never lose focus of the main goal though. The band never allows the experimentation to overtake the heart of their songs. That is what makes the band such a pleasant surprise. Lacona walk that slippery slope with remarkable poise and precision. The band is able to show off their eclectic sound within these four tracks. On the first single, you have the electronic-based “35/Half of 70” right next to the guitar pop of “Stuck Up.” On the second single you have the beautiful melancholic folk of “President’s Day” set against the acoustic pop of “Wet Snow.” Each diverse track is a successful triumph for Lacona.

Lacona have certainly accomplished their goal with these two singles. I am now officially eagerly awaiting the band’s full length, Pantomime. If the two album tracks showcased here are representative of the album, then it should be fantastic. If the two B-sides here are representative of the other B-sides left off of Pantomime, well, perhaps the band should go ahead and release those as well.

RIYL: Clinic, Pinback, Radiohead

Listen: (No mp3s…all four songs are up on the band’s myspace.)


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