Posted by: will | May 14, 2007

Midnight Movies…

Midnight Movies “Lion The Girl” (Scratchie/New Line)

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LA’s Midnight Movies sound exactly what I picture an LA band should sound like. It is dark rock n’ roll mixed with a little psychedelic pop and it is chock full of soul. The band sounds so incredibly familiar. Granted, it is not the most original combination Midnight Movies are mining on Lion The Girl. However, the band does it quite well.

Lead singer Gena Olivier (who is a definite candidate for Cutest Girls of Indie Rock) has an understated, yet completely sultry, vocal delivery that flows perfectly over the atmosphere the band creates. When the group delves into more shoegazing sonic territories they become wildly intriguing. It is an intoxicating mixture when Olivier’s vocals and the band and hit those magical highs together. Midnight Movie’s poise and commitment as they knock out one dark pop song after another is strikingly strong. The band seems almost unflinching in their scope to create a certain gloomy and surreal mood with their songs. That level of commitment is worthy to note because the band is obviously concentrating on writing albums…not just songs.

Midnight Movies do not play a style that I am drawn to very often. Lion The Girl almost changes my mind. While Lion The Girl remains a strong album, the band is capable of more. With a little more originality and a desire to stray a bit from the sound they are so attached to, Midnight Movies might have a great album in them just yet. All the pieces are certainly in place.

RIYL: Blonde Redhead, Sons & Daughters, Jesus And The Mary Chain

Listen: Midnight Movies – Coral Den (mp3)



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