Posted by: will | May 11, 2007

Radical Face…


Radical Face “Ghost” (Morr Music)

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Radical Face is the project of Ben Cooper. While that name might not ring a bell it certainly should. Cooper is half of the duo Electric President. I reviewed Electric President’s self-titled album here and it placed in at #16 on my Best of 2006 list. Radical Face is a bit more organic than Electric President’s electro-pop but there are definite simliarities between the two projects.

Obviously, Ben Cooper’s vocals are a noticeable similarity here. Cooper may not be blessed with a dynamic voice but he has a wonderful warmth and comfort in his soft vocal style. The biggest difference here is that Radical Face add an indie-folk element to the electro-pop stylings that Cooper was so successful with on Electric President. It is quite similar to the sound Grandaddy did so well over their career. Cooper delves much more into real instrumentation on Ghost as well. Guitars, banjos and pianos are all very noticeable next to Cooper’s immaculate production and electronic touches. Cooper also does a nice job of incorporating some “found sounds” into Ghost which really add to the rustic, haunting atmosphere of the album. Swirling strings highlight several songs on Ghost and create a beautiful, almost heavenly feeling. Cooper is quite simply a mastermind at constructing and deconstructing his songs.

Some of these songs would have fit right onto the Electric President album and that is hard to argue with. While Radical Face may lack the hooks of Electric President, Ghost may have a little more depth to offer. Either way, Cooper is quickly making quite a name for himself. His talent is simply undeniable. Ghost makes sure of that.

RIYL: Grandaddy, Death Cab For Cutie, The Postal Service

Listen: Radical Face – Glory (mp3)


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