Posted by: will | May 10, 2007


Clinic “Visitations” (Domino)

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Has any band fallen off the indie rock hot-list more than Clinic? Initially the band witnessed a substantial surge in popularity following their debut record, Internal Wrangler. However, the band has been maligned for refusing to alter their songwriting formula. Visitations still sees the band stubbornly sticking to their guns. Therein lies the problem.

I think Clinic’s headline on Myspace says it all…”Ignoring the tenets & trends of the music industry.” That is all well and good but there is nothing here that the band has not done before…and done much better. The band’s last few albums are almost interchangeable with an unmistakable lack of personality. Clinic have dug themselves into a hole and seem unable or unwilling to come out. I would be thrilled if the band had tried to change their formula and failed miserably. At least you would know that they were trying something different. It almost seems like the band refuses to change out of spite towards their critics. What they do not realize is those critics do not seek change, they merely seek evolution.

Quite frankly, Clinic is not trying to evolve in the least bit. They continue to go through the motions with each passing record. The band has taken their exciting style of dark post-punk and made it entirely boring and positively stale. It is quite a shame and rather sad to watch a band slowly nail their own coffin album by album. Clinic continues to do just that.

RIYL: The Velvet Underground, Radiohead, Wire

Listen: Clinic – If You Could Read Your Mind (stream)


Download: Clinic – If You Could Read Your Mind (mp3)



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