Posted by: will | May 9, 2007

Mike Ferraro…

Mike Ferraro “Awful Killers” (Self-Released)


Mike Ferraro is a wonderful indie pop/rock artist from Hoboken, New Jersey. Listening to Awful Killers is like going on a nostalgic trip through 90’s indie rock. Ferraro’s vocals echo Lou Barlow‘s (Sebadoh, The Folk Implosion, Dinosaur Jr.) heartfelt voice on more than one occasion. His influences are worn rather heart on sleeve…The Lemonheads, The Pixies and Guided By Voices are all noticeable touchstones. “Forgotten How To Lose” sounds like a long lost Barlow ballad…and a damn good one at that. The rocking “Whispers And Phrases” sounds like that hit college rock song from way back that stayed in your head for days at a time. The title track,”Awful Killers”, is a little more modern sounding as it recalls the early material of The Decemberists. “Drown Together” is a beautiful down-tempo song where Ferraro seems to be finding his own unique voice. Ferraro really has a knack for pop songcraft and it certainly shows here. At barely 13 minutes, Awful Killers begs for repeat listens. If Ferraro is able to keep putting out songs as strong as these he will not stay hidden for much longer.

RIYL: Sebadoh, The Lemonheads, Guided By Voices


(Go here to download a ton of FREE songs.)


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