Posted by: will | May 7, 2007

Field Music…

Field Music “Tones Of Town” (Memphis Industries)

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At their very core Field Music are most definitely a pop band. However, that seems like an almost unfair label for the band. Pop music has, for good reason, gotten a bad connotation over the years. Field Music are here to try and change that though. On the band’s second album, Tones of Town, the band filters their pop expertly through arty post-punk. It is what makes the band’s music so fresh and exhilarating.

Contrary to popular belief, pop music does not have to be obnoxious and overt to stick in your head. Field Music prove that over and over again on Tones of Town. The band’s pop song-craft is so subtlety intoxicating. Field Music writes songs that consistently engage the listener. It is brilliant as the listener is able to break these songs down to their core. It is even more brilliant to just sit back and listen. The band knows exactly what they are doing at every turn. Tones of Town is an amazing album from a great band.

As I listen to Tones of Town I can not help but think that this is what pop music should sound like. It is intelligent, imaginative, thoughtful and most of all memorable. The world simply needs more bands like Field Music. Perhaps then, we can all take back pop music and end this madness.

RIYL: The Shins, The Futureheads, XTC


Field Music – Working To Work (stream)

Field Music – In Context (stream)


Field Music – Working To Work (mp3)

Field Music – In Context (mp3)



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