Posted by: will | May 2, 2007

Band You Should Have Known – Drag The River…

Band You Should Have Known

According to co-founder Jon Snodgrass, “Drag The River for now and perhaps forever is over.” That is certainly sad news for all us Drag The River fans. Drag The River was an amazing alternative-country band from Denver, CO. They’ve just recently been getting some much deserved fanfare due to their back catalog being reissued through Suburban Home. I reviewed their 2006 album, It’s Crazy here. The album clocked in at #8 on my Top 40 of 2006. Fans of Lucero, Drive-By Truckers and Uncle Tupelo need this band. Seriously.


Leavin In The Morning (mp3) from It’s Crazy

Me And Joe Went Down To California (mp3) from It’s Crazy

Embrace The Sound (mp3) from Closed

Medicine (mp3) from Closed

Crocodile (mp3) from Chicken Demos

She Used To Smile (mp3) from Chicken Demos

Bug Country (mp3) from Hobo’s Demos

Disbelieve (mp3) from Hobo’s Demos

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