Posted by: will | May 1, 2007

Show Review – Lifetime and The Draft…

Lifetime, The Draft – Saturday, April 28th 2007, New Brookland Tavern, Columbia, SC

I had the pleasure of attending one of the best shows I have been to in years this past weekend. I got to see a long-time favorite (Lifetime) and a new favorite (The Draft) play for the first time and it exceeded all expectations. While, of course, this show was all about Lifetime, I was excited to see The Draft. 3/4 of Hot Water Music should be pretty damn good live and I thoroughly enjoyed In A Million Pieces, the band’s debut (which I reviewed here). It was no surprise that lead man Chris Wollard was nice and drunk by the time the band took the stage. Wollard was anything but sloppy though as him and the band sounded tremendous. The band wailed through much of their debut as well as some of the new songs offered on their recent digital EP and vinyl seven inches. In a live setting the band really flourished as the songs simply begged to be sung along to. The band seemed to be really into the show which one might not expect from guys doing this for so long. Wollard showed his enthusiasm as he jumped into the crowd on the band’s final song. Hot Water Music remains one of the best live bands I have ever heard. The Draft carried themselves quite well though. In fact, I would say this first experience with The Draft was better than the last few times I saw Hot Water Music. That is certainly a high compliment.

Next up was what I had been waiting for since learning of Lifetime reuniting a year ago. It had been 10+ years since the band had played Columbia. I unfortunately missed the band the last time so this was my first time seeing Lifetime. The band took the stage and for the next hour+ I was in a state of joyful unawareness. The show went by in a dizzy blur…but it was a damn fun one. The band’s set list was incredible as they pulled equally from 1995’s Hello Bastards, 1997’s Jersey’s Best Dancers and the recently released Lifetime album (which I reviewed here). As I sang along and pumped my fists like I was ten years younger, I came to the realization how unique and brilliant Lifetime really is. The band virtually created and perfected their own brand of poppy melodic hardcore before breaking up and disappearing for ten years. Yet, they came back while not missing one beat. As the band knocked out song after song you could see the smiles on their faces and the joy the band has playing together once again. It was the same faces of joy that were seen all across the audience as well. It was addictive to watch, hear and feel the vibe going back and forth from the band to the crowd. It was made all the more special to have some of my best friends back in town singing along with me. It is a moment in time that I wish I could have bottled up and kept forever. It is also a night I will never forget. Thanks Lifetime!



  1. Wish I could have been there with you holmes.

  2. me too dude! we missed you!

  3. are you sure that wasn’t REM and you’re misreporting. it would make sense because KTLA5 (The CW) morning news was talking about bloggers bringing down the quality of news reporting in America and i immediately thought of SAL.

  4. man i’m glad i wasn’t there, sounds like it sucked balls.

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