Posted by: will | April 30, 2007


Permanent “Sink|Swim” (6131)


Richmond, VA band Permanent features ex-members of Bracewar, High Stakes, Hold Me Back and Out For Justice. Sink|Swim is the band’s first full-length release and it is certainly a promising affair. The band plays solid old-school melodic hardcore…10 songs in 21 minutes. Sink|Swim shows that these guys do what they do very well. The band also does a fine job of updating this sound while remaing true to their hardcore roots. There are some obvious twists and turns along the way to keep things from getting too monotonous…much like a band like Good Riddance always kept you on your toes. You will not see too many hardcore bands ending songs with ska riffs, playing instrumental songs or quoting lyrics from the likes of Joanna Newsom. However, Permanent do all of the above. Sink|Swim is a solid endeavor that certainly bodes well for the future of Permanent as well as hardcore.

RIYL: Sinking Ships, Dag Nasty, Good Riddance


Permanent – Void Of Course (mp3)

Permanent – The Van Song (mp3)


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