Posted by: will | April 27, 2007

Brother Sister…


Brother Sister “The Nuclear Love e.p.” (Self-Released)

(Contact the band via Myspace to buy a very cool hand-made copy!)

It is with great pleasure that I write this review. See, Brother Sister are from my beautiful hometown of Columbia, SC. I’m always proud to find a local act that is able to transcend the hometown tag. Brother Sister certainly do just that. The band has created a beautiful EP here and I could not be more impressed. The husband/wife duo of Mike and Beth Pope were also in a band called Perelandra who I spotlighted here. Now they have teamed up once again as Brother Sister. Where Perelandra was more rock-oriented with emotional screams set against a somber backdrop, Brother Sister are more even-keeled throughout. So, while the dichotomy of Perelandra may be lost, Brother Sister’s sound remains just as powerful.

The five songs on The Nuclear Love e.p. might come off as completely subtle upon first listen. However, when one delves completely into these songs, Brother Sister’s nuanced intricacies eventually begin to reveal themselves. There is a slow burn and an emotional vulnerability that pervades the band’s songs. It is an almost bubbling-up-below-the-surface anticipation that comes and goes with each memorable track. The vocals of the husband/wife duo continuously play off each other as they contrast, yet complement one another brilliantly. The music is mysterious, dark and completely engrossing. The attention to detail the band shows is remarkable and certainly commendable. At its creative peak, The Nuclear Love e.p. is nothing short of breathtaking.

I find myself racking my brain when listening to Brother Sister to find some kind of relevant comparison. Frankly, it is a hard task. Certain bands come to mind but never completely touch on what Brother Sister are doing here. The Nuclear Love e.p. is a unique and rewarding listen that begs for in-depth listening. These five songs showcase the quiet, but incredibly powerful strength of music. Well done Colatown!

RIYL: Low, Carissa’s Wierd, Ida


Brother Sister – Meg Murray (stream)

Brother Sister – Yours Are So Cold (stream)


Brother Sister – Meg Murray (mp3)

Brother Sister – Yours Are So Cold (mp3)




  1. I’m diggin’ the tunes. Is there another way to get a copy of Nuclear Love w/o going through myspace?

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