Posted by: will | April 24, 2007

Street Smart Cyclist…


Street Smart Cyclist “Demo 7 -Inch” (Our Neighborhood)


Street Smart Cyclist have put out one of the more impressive demos I have heard in a long time. At only three songs and not even 9 minutes in running time you would think it would be a hard feat to accomplish. The band is able to combine a raw pop-punk feel with the emo mathiness of early Braid and Cap n’ Jazz. It is quite a breath-taking listen. On the demo’s opening song, “Hoods Up!”, the raw sing-along ability of the band is in full display. The song reminds one of the infectious energy created by the great Latterman. The noodly guitar that runs beneath the gruff vocals on the second song, “Pastor of Muppets”, is wonderfully familiar to emo’s past glory days. On the demo’s final track, “The Three Lane Cut”, Street Smart Cyclist is hitting on all cylinders. The song brings all the the band’s awesome qualities to the surface. Add to that the band’s obvious passion and sincerity and you have all the ingredients for an amazing demo. Street Smart Cyclist’s first three songs ring out for a return to honest emo/punk rock. If this demo is any indication of what is to come, color me stoked.

RIYL: Latterman, Braid, Cap n’ Jazz

Listen: (No mp3s on this one. All three demo songs are up on the band’s myspace page below.)



  1. Wow. That is sooooooo good.

  2. Very good!

  3. […] first songs. However, SSC’s material simply jumps out at you. You can read my review here. Go visit the band’s myspace page here to check out the songs. I caught up with John and Jon […]

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