Posted by: will | April 12, 2007

The Rowboats…


The Rowboats “Four Years And Forty Five Minutes” (Etherdrag)

(Album not yet available…Contact the band!)

Four Years And Forty Five Minutes is an album that has been a long time coming. The Rowboats were started by Ted Casterline and Ben Freeman. Casterline was a full time member of Brooklyn, NY rock band The Hong Kong at the time. He and Freeman got together to write material on the side. However, once The Hong Kong started to fizzle out, the duo was able to fully devote their time to what would become The Rowboats. Since then the duo has become a real band with a real identity. It certainly shows as Four Years And Forty Five Minutes is quite an impressive debut.

Four Years And Forty Five Minutes did not really hit me until I put my headphones on and gave the album a listen. The band’s mixture of indie pop with ample electronic flourishes rushes over your ears in gentle waves of intoxicating sound. The Rowboats have a sound that is familiar, yet remarkably all their own. It is warm and inviting in a way that recalls the wonderful sounds of Pinback. The Rowboats do dabble in electronics a little more than Pinback but the similarities are certainly there to be found. The Rowboats vocals are subtle, but infectious. They fit perfectly alongside the band’s creative musical compositions. Vocally, while Rob Crow of Pinback does come to mind again, I am reminded a great deal of Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh and Folk Implosion). In fact there are parallels that can be drawn between The Rowboats’ sound and Barlow’s more electronic dalliances with his Folk Implosion incarnations as well. While the songwriting here is low key and understated, the band’s ability at creating memorable songs certainly is not. That has a great deal to do with the band’s musical talent and composition skills. That is what truly takes Four Years And Forty Five Minutes to its great heights.

The Rowboats obviously spent their time well when constructing Four Years And Forty Five Minutes. The album has a mature but playful nature which begs for repeat listens. With each listen the album grows on the listener as it reveals each and every subtlety. While it may have taken the band four years to complete Four Years And Forty Five Minutes, it only takes a few listens to realize that the band is surely one to keep a close eye on in 2007.

RIYL: Pinback, John Vanderslice, The Folk Implosion


The Rowboats – Vivion (mp3)

The Rowboats – Eyes Closed (mp3)



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  2. […] you should. I reviewed the band’s debut album, Four Years And Forty Five Minutes here but the release date is still TBA. The band will be playing their first show June 1st at Magnetic […]

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