Posted by: will | April 10, 2007

Stars Of Track And Field…

Stars Of Track And Field “Centuries Before Love And War” (Wind-Up)

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Can I first say that I have nothing but disgust for this band’s record label and everything they stand for. Wind-Up Records took over a progressive indie label (Grass Records) and fucked over the bands that were already signed. Then the label put forth some of the worst music (Creed, Evanescence) ever known to man. Perhaps someone at the label finally feels compelled to release something of value into the world though. Because, now, we have Stars Of Track And Field. Centuries Before Love And War was originally scheduled to be released in 2006 via SideCho Records. However, the band signed to Wind-Up shortly before and has now released the record here in 2007.

Stars of Track And Field play an intriguing brand of indie rock mixed with electronic pop flourishes. The music backs up the strong vocal presence of vocalist Kevin Calaba. It is a striking mixture of familiar sounds that the band has combined on Centuries Before Love And War. Song tempos range from downtempo to more arena-rock oriented material akin to Snow Patrol. The young band walks the tightrope with a veteran precision. It is simply stunning that this is the band’s first full-length album. The addition of electronics into the band’s sound rivals what Radiohead did with their sound many years ago…it is that impressive. While the album is not as experimental and decidedly more mainstream, it also reminds me of the band’s Portland brethren in Menomena as well. Much like the difference in tempo, the band’s compositions run the gamut as well. From full blown arrangements to instrumentally bare tracks, Stars Of Track And Field come off looking like masters of their craft throughout the duration of Centuries Before Love And War.

I am rooting for Stars Of Track And Field. This album deserves to be heard and the band deserves recongnition despite the album’s label affiliations. Centuries Before Love And War is a remarkable album that stretches quite comfortably between genres. It is an album that reaveals more and more beneath each layer with every listen. Hopefully the band will be allowed to grow and experiment before Wind-Up drops them for poor album sales and/or no hit singles. Hopefully.

RIYL: Radiohead, Snow Patrol, Menomena



  1. here here. my friend jay miles used to work at grass when the wrens were on the label and he was one of the dudes that were fucked over in the wind-up wank off. i’ve heard the story many times and it’s one of my favorite campfire tales of horror. that being said – stars of track and field? meh.

  2. […] never be on SAL (unless I am making fun of them). Oh, and I guess no one at Wind Up has read my Stars Of Track And Field review […]

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