Posted by: will | April 6, 2007

Team Science News…

Team Science – New Releases from
The Measure [SA], Paper Moons, The Jon Benet and O Pioneers!!!



2007 is shaping up to be a busy year for the kids at Team Science as they plan new releases from The Measure [SA] and Paper Moons…not to mention a 12” vinyl version of The Jon Benet’s Ugly / Heartless which Aaron Danger swears he’s putting out, yet of which I can find no physical proof.

Of course, we can’t forget O Pioneers’!!! herculean attempts at recording split vinyl with every punk band east of the Mississippi and subsequent April tour (aka: the “Come Play a Show With Us and Maybe We’ll Do a Spit Vinyl With You” Tour).

Anyway, check out all the details below in what I like to call “The Longest Press Release I Have Ever Written.”



In early 2006, New Jersey’s The Measure [SA] released their debut 12” full-length Historical Fiction on Don Giovani Records and Salinas Records to rave reviews. Now Team Science is taking a crack at the CD version which will be out in mid-April

Listen ”Letters” and ”Sleep”

Historical Fiction is a complete and utter surprise that reveals itself slowly with each additional listen. It’s complex without being obtuse, melodic without artificial sweeteners, sincere without the “I like Jawbreaker. I like Converse. I ride a bike. Hug me. Coffee!” pitfalls. The entire record plays like it’s holding you close while dancing and singing in your ear. Neck and neck with Fifth Hour Hero for coming completely out of left field and handing my ass to me.Razorcake



Houston duo Matt Clark and Daniel Hawkins are Paper Moons and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind being referred to as beautiful, winsome, acoustic front-porch folk rock. It’s the stuff of reflective midnight drives or lazy summer afternoons collapsing under the inevitable weight of dusk. The band’s debut four-song 7” (featuring artwork by Jacob Calle) will be available in April and will also include a cd version with a bonus track.



Finally, O Pioneers!!! have a slew of upcoming split releases with the likes of By The End of Tonight, Bomb The Music Industry, Scream Poet, Scream, Fake Problems and the afformentioned The Measure [SA]. Some of those will be 7” splits, others will be 10”. A few will be released by Team Science. Others, not so much. It hurts my head to think about it so just go here for the low-down. And if anyone is wondering how O Pioneers!!! manage to sound so angelic and heavenly, ask bearded sticksman Jeff who just opened Pigeon Eater Studios in Houston. You should let him record your band.

Finally, O Pioneers!!! are touring the US in April, which means that YOU have the opportunity to be simultaneously wowed by their raucous live show and annoyed by Eric’s unwavering devotion to his sidekick.

– Shows are listed in the post below.


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