Posted by: will | April 6, 2007

Friday Musings…

john k. weakerthans

The Weakerthans are finally recording a new album which is scheduled for a fall release. All I have to say is Hallelujah and it’s a bout time! Seriously, one of my top five favorite bands of all time. Please tour down south!

– Have I mentioned that Tim Barry rules yet? Go buy his album here.

– Bands, feel free to message me on Myspace. I am going to do another Myspace Bands post soon.

Good Riddance breaks up after twenty years as a band. Quite a run for the melodic hardcore juggernaut.

– Robert Smith + Ashlee Simpson = WTF? First he appears with Korn on their unplugged album now this? Oh, Robert, why must you soil The Cure name this way? Word is Smith is denying the collaboration. Save some dignity while you still can Robert!

Can You See The Sunset has a great emo retrospective post here with lots of mp3s for consumption.

– Speaking of emo, I will do some more gushing about Moving Mountains. The band’s digital album, Pneuma, is simply fantastic. It’s an album that bridges the emo gap so well. It is completely modern with vocals reminiscent of Brand New and a post-rock feel while still recalling emo greats like Mineral and Appleseed Cast. I’ll have a review up for the album next week.

– Continuing on the emo tip, Deep Elm‘s new Cover The Tracks compilation is rather cool. If you have followed the label like I have over the years there is a lot to enjoy. It has current Deep Elm bands covering older Deep Elm bands’ songs. For the most part, it stands up fairly well. You can check out Small Arms Dealer covering the great Cross My Heart song “Today I Discovered The World” here.

– Upcoming reviews next week: Modest Mouse, Moving Mountains, The Rowboats, Frank Turner, etc.


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