Posted by: will | April 6, 2007

31 Knots…

31 Knots “The Days And Nights Of Everything Anywhere” (Polyvinyl)

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31 Knots are a mathy indie rock band that hails from Portland, OR. The Days And Nights Of Everything Anywhere is the band’s fourth album and continues the band’s forward-thinking nature. Fans of indie, prog or math rock should all find plenty to love in the band’s eccentric catalog. The band’s last album, 2005’s tremendous Talk Like Blood, saw the band going in a more accessible art-pop direction. However, The Days And Nights Of Everything Anywhere is quite a different beast. This album proves that 31 Knots do not care for repeating themselves one bit.

The Days And Nights Of Everything Anywhere sees the band expanding their instrumental pallette. It was something that was hinted at on Talk Like Blood, but here the band truly goes for it. The album is laced with horns and bursts of piano. The band’s attack is so ridiculously varied that the listener simply does not stand a chance in guessing where the band will go next. 31 Knots can come off as fractured upon initial listens. However, spending more time with the band, one can see just how perfectly the band’s diverse songs fit together. The puzzle that 31 Knots put together may be complex. However, it only adds to the reward for the listener when everything falls into place.

31 Knots continue to create challenging and completely engrossing music. That is a rare feat for a band four albums into their career. Yet, for some reason, 31 Knots continue to fly under the radar. It would be a shame for this band to continue to go unappreciated while they are so obviously in their prime. While The Days And Nights Of Everything Anywhere may not quite be the stunner that Talk Like Blood was, it proves that 31 Knots are certainly a force to be reckoned with for (hopefully) many albums to come.

RIYL: The Dismemberment Plan, Fugazi, Modest Mouse


31 Knots – Sanctify (mp3)

31 Knots – Man Become Me (mp3)

31 Knots – Beauty (video)



  1. is it just me or is everyone tackling religion (cursive, thermals, etc)? good album at times, but can be boring at times too.

  2. […] off 31 Knots new album The Days And Nights Of Everything Anywhere. Check out my review of the album here. This is an odd video to say the least. During this video it dawned on me that 31 Knots and The […]

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