Posted by: will | April 5, 2007

Albert Hammond Jr…

Albert Hammond Jr. “Yours To Keep” (Scratchie/New Line)

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Albert Hammond Jr. is best known as a guitarist for The Strokes. Yours To Keep is Hammond’s solo debut. For anyone who was expecting half-baked Strokes B-sides from Hammond, well, they will be pleasantly surprised with Yours To Keep. While Hammond’s signature guitar tones do sound unquestionably familiar from his time in The Strokes, his debut stands quite firmly on its own two feet.

Hammond proves he is more than just a guy in the background. He is truly a great pop songwriter. While he has only co-written a handful of Strokes songs, Yours To Keep is chock full of pop nuggets. Hammond’s vocals are noticeably stronger than one might have expected too. At times he does recall his bandmate, Julian Casablancas, but more often Britt Daniels of Spoon comes to mind. In fact, many of the songs here are strikingly similar to the minimalistic style of Spoon.

Strokes fans should definitely check this out. Based on Yours To Keep, it is plain to see that Hammond is a powerful driving force for The Strokes. He is talented and should not fret one bit if The Strokes ever hang up. If Yours To Keep is any indication, Albert Hammond Jr. has a long fruitful solo career waiting just around the corner.

RIYL: The Strokes, Spoon, The Shins


Albert Hammond Jr. – In Transit (mp3)

Albert Hammond Jr. – Blue Skies (mp3)


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