Posted by: will | April 4, 2007

Tim Barry…

The show I attended last night certainly lived up to my hype. Unfortunately, Fifth Hour Hero‘s van broke down so I missed out on my last chance to see the band. Andy The Doorbum opened the show and was very impressive. Despite some odd lyrical diatribes, his songs have a noticeable depth to them. There is also a great folk-punk sing-along feel to many of Andy’s songs which definitely fits the live setting well. I picked up his new album and a review should be upcoming in the next couple of weeks. Smoke Or Fire headlined and put on a raucous set. The band has been slimmed down to a three-piece and they sounded incredibly tight. They were much better last night than when I saw them as a four-piece late in 2006.

The highlight of the night was easily Tim Barry though who exceeded all expectations. Barry’s band Avail always put on tremendous live shows and his solo show was just as good. Sincerity in music goes a long way for me. There is no one more sincere about what they do than Tim Barry. He is as real as they get. His backing band sounded good but it was the more instrumentally sparse songs that Barry truly left his mark. As with Avail shows, Barry interacts with the crowd so naturally. There is one statement that Barry made last night that I think will stick with me for a long long time. At one point, Barry asked how it sounded out there before stopping himself short. Barry then said, “Fuck that, how’s it feel out there? Cause it ain’t how it sounds, it’s how it feels.” Amen brother and it felt great!


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