Posted by: will | April 3, 2007

Show Spotlight…

I am hitting the road tonight up to beautiful (?) Charlotte, NC for a show. It is a tremendous bill so let’s hope it lives up to my hype.

Tim Barry – Avail’s lead singer is out on his own now and I can not wait to hear hear his material in a live setting.

Read my review of Tim Barry’s amazing solo debut and check out mp3s here.

Smoke Or Fire – The band always puts on an energetic, heartfelt live show.

Read my review of Smoke Or Fire’s latest effort and check out mp3s here.

Fifth Hour Hero – This is the Canadian band’s final tour as they recently announced their impending break up. I feel lucky to get the chance to finally see them.

Read my review of Fifth Hour Hero’s final album and check out mp3s here.

Andy The Doorbum – I have heard some nice praise for this local Charlotte musician. I am looking forward to hearing Andy’s peculiar musical stylings…it should be interesting. Hit his myspace up above for some songs.


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