Posted by: will | April 2, 2007


Agent “I Wouldn’t Trade That For Anything” (Iron Pier)


Hearing Agent’s demo last year one could tell the band was destined for great things. However, I am not sure I expected it so quickly. Agent’s first official release is flat out fantastic. Agent hail from Long Island and it’s easy to tell as the band’s influences shine through. There is a definite Lifetime, Saves The Day and Latterman hint all over these songs. In fact the EP was recorded by Phil Douglas of Latterman.

I Wouldn’t Trade That For Anything clocks in at 13 minutes and it begs for repeat listens. The band chose to not re-record any of the demo’s songs, instead putting forth five brand new songs. It turns out to be a wise decision. As a whole, these five songs are impressive and perhaps a notch above the demo’s songs. The band’s songs are so full of heart and sincerity…something this scene is certainly known for. Agent wrap their hard-nosed introspective songs in deceptive melodies that hook you from the very beginning.

The only fault here is the EP’s brevity. As a listener you are left wanting much more from the band. I’m not sure what makes Long Island such a rich and vibrant scene. But, Agent have proved that they are quite possibly that scene’s next shining star.

RIYL: Lifetime, Latterman, Saves The Day


Agent – I’m Fucking Tired Of People Leaving And Not Saying Goodbye (mp3)



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