Posted by: will | March 30, 2007

Andrew Bird…


Andrew BirdArmchair Apocrypha” (Fat Possum)

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If you did not already know, Andrew Bird released my favorite album of 2005. It was a little masterpiece by the name of Andrew Bird & The Mysterious Production of Eggs. The album was one of slow and steady growth. However, once I bore witness to Andrew Bird’s incredible live show, well, everything came together much quicker for me. It was hard to fathom how one person could be blessed with so much talent. After that show I tracked down all of Bird’s earlier discography. For the most part, it was all equally impressive. Thus, Andrew Bird has become one of my favorite musicians.

So, it was with great excitement and hesitance that I listened to Armchair Apocrypha for the first time. Simply put, Andrew Bird has not let me down in the least bit. Overall, Armchair Apocrypha is a little more laid back than Mysterious Production of Eggs. The album lacks the upbeat and catchy songs that the former album offered. However, both albums have quite a similar style and mood. In some respects, Armchair Apocrypha almost seems like the perfect extension of Mysterious Production of Eggs.

The album starts off with the lovely mid-tempo “Fiery Crash.” Bird states that the song is his “superstitious incantation to protect himself from plane crashes.” Bird’s lyrics remain as clever as ever as he offers a “nod to mortality.” Bird’s vocals harmonize perfectly with the subtle, yet touching female vocals to close out the track. “Imitosis” comes next and it has Bird’s violin picking front and center. Bird’s lyrics often deal in wordplay and “Imitosis” recalls the great lyrical parts of “Fake Palindromes” from Mysterious Production of Eggs. “Heretics” is the album’s first single and it is easy to see why. A violin rift carries the song in before Bird’s airy vocals take over. The song’s chorus is nothing short of addictive. Bird also has the talent of being an amazing whistler within his impressive repertoire. The man sounds like he should be living in the trees. He shows it off on several tracks like the anthemic “Darkmatter.” Bird waxes poetic with the lyrics Do you wonder where the self resides/Is it in your head or between your sides/And who will be that one who will decide its true location? Bird’s lyrics are certainly worth the time to study. “Cataracts” is a beautiful down-tempo song that shows off Bird’s bare vocals. Bird simply does not get the credit he deserves for how amazing a vocalist he really is. I would compare him to a less dramatic Jeff Buckley. Who writes songs about long lost empires? Andrew Bird of course. “Scythian Empires” considers the long lost empire and its untimely demise. The under-stated, yet lovely instrumental, “Yawny At The Apocalypse”, brings Armchair Apocrypha to its timely end.

Andrew Bird’s talent has such a remarkable depth that one would be hard pressed to find a single flaw. Bird writes beautiful lyrics, plays the violin like a madman, is quite capable on the guitar and has an amazing voice. It does not seem fair to the rest of us commoners that people like Andrew Bird exist. My jealousy only goes so far though. Beyond that is complete admiration and adoration.

RIYL: Jeff Buckley, Devotchka, Calexico


Andrew Bird – Heretics (mp3)

Andrew Bird – Darkmatter (mp3)


  1. Love this album!

  2. #76 or something on the bilbo-board charts. congrats mr suzuki.

  3. Another fine album. Check out my review on Music Emissions.

  4. […] November 6, 2007 Andrew Bird “Imitosis” Video Posted by soundaslanguage under Music, Music Video, Video, Youtube   “Imitosis” hails from Andrew Bird’s wonderful 2007 album, Armchair Apocrypha, which I reviewed here. […]

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