Posted by: will | March 29, 2007

The American Dollar…


The American Dollar “The Technicolour Sleep” (Self-Released)


I recently mentioned my fondness for The American Dollar from Queens, NY. I had just heard The American Dollar’s first album which was released in 2006. Then I found out that the band was already done and ready to release their second album here in early 2007. The Technicolour Sleep is that album and it picks up right where the band’s wonderful self-titled debut left off. Fans of instrumental rock and/or post-rock should pay close attention.

The band states this about their name and music: “The name and music are part of a series of contemplative reflections based on the world we live in, and exactly how we live in it. These expressions take the form of positive, negative, and neutral emotions depending on your viewpoint and the meaning conveyed in the music, whether it is love, sadness, thought, appreciation, rejection, etc.. Meaning is personally and individually creative, a large factor which makes us human.”

I am not sure I can describe The American Dollar’s music much better than the way they have described it themselves. This is music that can not be conveyed in simple words. You have to hear The American Dollar to discover the band’s true spirit. The American Dollar and The Technicolour Sleep encompass everything and everyone. The band’s music perfectly portrays all of life’s many stages. At the glorious highs, the lowest lows and everything in between, The American Dollar prove how truly powerful (instrumental) music can be. You simply need this band.

RIYL: Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky, Caspian


The American Dollar – Signaling Through The Flames (mp3)



  1. love this band. anyway, it likes they are clon of EITS.

  2. […] instrumental duo from Queens, NY. I reviewed the band’s second album, The Technicolour Sleep here. Thanks to Rich And John for answering my questions. Check out some of the band’s work at […]

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