Posted by: will | March 28, 2007


Piebald “Accidental Gentlemen” (Side One Dummy)

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Don’t you hate it when bands you once loved stick around a little too long? And yes, I did love this band once upon a time. Old Piebald albums like If It Weren’t for Venetian Blinds It Would Be Curtains for Us All and When Life Hands You Lemons will always hold a special place in my heart. The band was fun, sarcastic, humorous and downright rocking. But, time has not aged Piebald too gracefully. Instead, we are left with half-baked songs that simply do not hold a candle to the band’s earlier work. The band seems to be going through the motions and that never makes for a good album. As much as the band experiments with different tempos and textures it can not save this album. While there are a few good songs here and there, Accidental Gentleman is yet another disappointment for a proud band that is now stuck going downhill. Perhaps it is just me though. Perhaps I’m the one who has outgrown Piebald. Either way, I think I’ll skip the next time a new Piebald album comes around. Take care guys…it was nice knowing you.

RIYL: Weezer, Ben Folds, They Might Be Giants


Piebald – A Friend Of Mine (mp3)

Piebald – Oh, The Congestion (mp3)



  1. no, i’m with you. i liked them much more when they were pseudo-hardcore and a little less kindercore. grace kelly with wings and small town outside of boston are classic tunez.

  2. did you plagiarize my amazon review from years back cuz it reads about like this. yes, piebald sucks so hard now. last good album = “we are the only friends…” and even that one kinda blew at times. these guys rocked the hizzy at 27/58 though. oh, and you won’t have to wait long for another album because it seems they put out two a year. f this band. you think some kid is going to think these songs come from the same group that wrote “Deflate” or “Part II: The Noreaster”? Hellll no. Those songs would turn kids away so bad now. Can you tell I hate this shit? Spot on review. FCKIT.

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